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O & M Manual Preparation

When preparing Operation and Maintenance manuals (O & M manuals), we take the raw data and assemble this for you into the format either you choose or as required by the Client, Consultant or CDM Co-ordinator.

Documents which are available on line will be downloaded by Scribe Technical Services, from a list of items provided by the customer, normally from orders or invoices, with only those items not available freely on line needing to be supplied by the customer.

PDF digital copies of our O and M manuals are fully cross linked and facilitates the quick and easy retrieval of information by allowing the user to jump from the contents page to the desired content and then to open the document they wish to see in a new widow. This removes the need to scroll through many pages to find the one you need. The same applies to drawings where the user may jump to the drawings list page and then open the drawing they wish to view in a new window.

The final O and M manuals are delivered to you, fully completed with your corporate logos and colour schemes or any other you may specify, in hard copy and digital PDF format. The format to be used is agreed before production and any logos or special fonts are to be supplied by the customer. Both the presentation binders and the CD jewel cases are complete with the customer’s logos and printed in full colour as required.

The PDF reader and the Autocad drawing viewer programmes are free to download from the internet and may be provided on the CD if requested.

These O & M manuals are well received by Clients, Consulting Engineers and CDM coordinators alike and have been produced for Contractors, Builders and for Clients alike for five years.

Stage 1

The cursor in Adobe PDF shown as a pointing finger is pointing to “Manufacturer’s Literature”.

Stage 2

When clicked this opens the page to the left.

The user is now on the page from which to select which item of the Manufacturer’s Literature they wish to view.

The cursor in Adobe PDF shown as a pointing finger is pointing to “PB500 Isolating Valve”.

When clicked this opens the page below in a new window which avoids loosing your place in the main document.

Stage 3

This opens the final document below which is the actual manufacturer’s literature.

This is a copy downloaded form the manufacturer site on the internet and is full colour and of a good quality.