the benefits

Benefits of choosing Scribe Technical Services

The main benefit of choosing Scribe technical Services for Operation and Maintenance Manuals preparation is that it frees your valuable staff from the need to locate documents to be included in the manual and from the preparation of the manuals themselves. It frees you from the need to:

  • Scan documents
  • Copy documents
  • Print
  • Collate
  • Prepare presentation binders
  • File the contents

There is only minimal involvement for the customer, this being with items which are needed from the customer, these are normally easily emailed, more often than not directly from the company concerned to Scribe Technical Services with a copy to the customer to keep them informed.

In addition to saving your valuable staff time a manual produced using your corporate identity in full colour is a valuable marketing tool for the enhancement of your corporate image and may provide you an edge in securing future business.

The file is almost certain to be passed through the Architect and relevant Consulting Engineers who contribute to tender lists for future work. The File is the final piece of work that is seen by them as representative of your company.